Become a Sponsor

If you want your company to be seen by thousands of families and to participate in an animal adoption event like the city of Indianapolis has never seen before, this is your opportunity! Become a sponsor of the IndyMegaAdoptionEvent! Your company will be seen as a great community partner and your sponsorship will help to save thousands of lives.

MEGA Sponsor Packet 2019

What is it?

The IndyMegaAdoptionEvent is a huge adoption event held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Animal rescue groups and city shelters bring hundreds of rescued animals to one location where families can search for the newest member to add to their fold.


Shelters are full. And that means that healthy, adoptable animals are killed every year to make space for more.  No-kill rescue groups only have so much space and can only “pull” so many animals from these “kill shelters”. We’re emptying all the shelter, adopting as many animals as we can. Our goal is that every shelter and rescue group goes home empty-handed.


Every animal goes home the SAME DAY with its new family. All animals will be spayed or neutered before arriving at the event and everyone goes home microchipped. We’re making this as easy as possible to adopt!

Becoming a sponsor is easy and there are a variety of levels you can pick from.

We offer logo on the event and volunteer T-shirts, your logo on banners, mentions by our media partners and so much more.

Have an idea how you’d like your company to be seen? Contact us at sponsorship@indymegaadoptionevent.org –  We’re happy to entertain your suggestions!