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Kelly McKinney – Groups@indymegaadoptionevent.org

What is it?
The Indy Mega Adoption Event, is a two-day pet adoption extravaganza at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. On June 22 and 23, participating animal shelters and rescues across central Indiana will bring hundreds of adoptable animals together under one roof so potential animal parents can see a huge variety of shelter and rescue animals in one location and encourage adoption over shopping!

FACT: The return rate for animals adopted at Indy Mega remains 2-3%, lower than a shelter’s typical return rate. 

This is the sixth year for the Indy Mega Adoption Event. In past years, events in June and October saw lines of potential pet parents wrapped around the building and over 6,900 cats and dogs were placed in loving forever homes.

Who is participating?
In prior years groups that have attended the events include: FACE Spay/Neuter, Hamilton Co. Humane, IACS, Columbus Animal Control, 2nd Chance Richmond, , Southside Animal Shelter, PAWS Hancock, , Shelby Co. Animal Outreach, Almost Home Lafayette, Morgan Co. Humane, and Hendricks Co. Humane.
We hope to have at least 600 cats and 500 dogs available for adoption.

FACT: You do NOT have to adopt any animals at the event and there is NO time limit on the adoption process. Take as long as yu want!

How does it work?
The adoption event will be June 22 and 23 from 12-6pm. Visitors are welcome to attend anytime during those hours to see the adoptable cats and dogs. Adoption areas will be divided into two areas– adoptable cats and adoptable dogs. All the cats and dogs will be in individual cages with cage cards attached that provide details on the individual pet. Once visitors select a dog or cat they are interested in meeting, they will find a volunteer in a labeled t-shirt or an organization representative. They will help the potential adopter get the animal out of the cage so they can meet him or her. We will have 16 horse stalls to be used as meet and greet rooms and an outdoor grassy area as well. Once the adopter decides which cat/dog to adopt, the volunteer or representative assisting them will take the cage card off the cage and take it to the organization check-out table. They will be asked to complete an adoption application (provided by the organization they are adopting from) and an organization representative will go over the application with them. Once they are approved they will pay the adoption fee plus you may ask for an optional, additional donation. A volunteer will then escort them to the Event check-out table where we can tally the adoption to our grand total and they will be given an adoption goody bag. That’s it! They take their new furry family member home and give him or her a wonderful life!

What is required for groups to participate?
All cats/dogs you bring to the mega adoption event must have the following:

  • Dogs: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated for Rabies (12w and older), distemper/parvo, Bordetella, have heartworm test if over 6 months (if positive, your group must have a plan on how you will provide treatment to the dog post adoption), microchipped, and flea preventative within 30 days.
  • Cats: Spayed/Neutered, Vaccinated for Rabies (12w and older) and FVRCP, microchipped, and flea preventative within 30 days. FeLV/FIV test is recommended, but not required. You may bring FeLV/FIV positive cats for adoption, but you must provide information for adopters.
  • NEW Shelters/rescues may set their own adoption fees and must agree to same day adoptions. If you require a home visit, you must have enough volunteers to do a home visit the same day if requested by the adopter. For example, if you bring 10 dogs the first hour, you should anticipate all 10 dogs finding suitable homes within the first couple hours and should have enough staff/volunteers to conduct home visits straight from the fairgrounds. In essence, you are delivering the dog to the adopter. If after the home visit you decide it is not a good fit, you will bring the dog back so it can go back up for adoption.
  • Shelters/rescues must bring adoptable cats FRIDAY afternoon/evening. We have volunteers who stay overnight to keep an eye on the cats. The cats acclimate to their surroundings and are more comfortable/sociable by the time the event starts on Saturday. Dogs arrive Saturday morning. As your group adopts out animals, you may bring more throughout the day and/or Sunday morning.

We recommend a reduced adoption fee but it’s not required. 
We understand rescues and shelters are already tight on funds and you rely on your adoption fees to pay bills and help other cats and dogs in need. Please understand that a reduced adoption fee DOES NOT mean you will have less qualified adopters. All people like a “deal” and if they are able to spend less on the adoption fee then they will have more money left over to spoil the cat or dog with toys, treats and other supplies! Take this opportunity to reach out to your supporters and explain to them that you want to be able to take AS MANY cats and dogs as possible, but you need help financially. Ask for people to “sponsor” a cat or dog! Many people already have pets of their own or aren’t looking to adopt but still want to participate/help. Or hold a fundraiser specifically for the purpose of this event! You will be surprised how generous and compassionate people are. They want to be involved with the excitement of this life saving event!

Why do these Mega Adoption Events matter?
Indianapolis has modeled our Mega Adoption Events from the folks in Jacksonville. They have been holding Mega Adoption Events since July 2012 and have had great success. In 2012 they had 2 events and placed 1782 cats and dogs. In 2013 they had 3 events and placed 2754 cats and dogs. And in 2014 they had 4 events and placed 3,725 cats and dogs! In 2011 they were euthanizing 5,090 cats and dogs and by the end of 2014, only 1,188 had been euthanized. They have maintained a 90% live release rate (considered “no-kill”) for 17 months and they say one important piece of the “no-kill” puzzle is having these Mega Adoption Events.

Over the last 10 events, Indianapolis has placed over 7,000 cats/dogs in homes.

It is our hope that we will have at least 1,000 adoptions at each event this year. Imagine what kind of impact that will make for Indianapolis Animal Care Services if they can adopt out the majority of their cats and dogs, and then local rescues who pull from them are able to place their cats/dogs and then can pull MORE cats/dogs!
Placing cats and dogs into loving and responsible homes quickly is the key to reducing euthanasia!!