Does your rescue group or shelter want to attend?

Would your rescue group like to be a part of the next IndyMega Event?

Our focus is currently central Indiana shelters so that we can empty the kill shelters in and around Indianapolis. If your shelter is located in Marion and surrounding counties, please fill out the form below. (If you’re located beyond the central Indiana area, you’re welcome to tell us more about your availability – we may expand depending on local participation.) We make no guarantee of participation until you are contacted and confirmed.

The next Indy Mega Adoption Event is scheduled for June 22 and 23 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.


  • Groups must be a registered 501c3 – if you are a city run or contracted shelter you can ABSOLUTELY attend.
  • This event is marketed to the general public and families. Please keep this in mind when selecting animals that would be appropriate and best suited to this demographic.
  • ALL animals must be spayed or neutered. If your animals will need rabies or vaccines you must make arrangements with the rescue group coordinator before these animals can be brought to the event.
  • You do NOT have to bring all animals on the first day. However, please keep in mind that Saturday is expected to be a slightly busier day. If you adopt out all of your animals for the day (yay!), we ask that you please stay for the remainder of the event. You may assist other groups in adopting their animals, help our MEGA volunteers by assisting potential adopters, visit the IACS shelter or their MEGA booth to pull their animals (or other high kill shelter in attendance) or set up your crates with pictures/bios of animals available back at your rescue and collect applications. This is a great chance to network! We will also have morning and evening meetings each day.
  • Heartworm testing IS required. Dogs can be positive but your shelter or rescue must have a plan for treatment. This means that you must have a plan on how to provide (and pay for) treatment for the dog post adoption. Adopters should not be responsible for obtaining and paying for their own treatment.
  • Felv/fiv testing is highly recommended, but not required. You can bring cats that are positive but PLEASE provide information for adopters.
  • Your group is responsible for processing all adoptions and must be able to man both your dog and your cat adoptions. These will not be in the same room or easily accessible to each other. Some volunteers will be provided to assist you, but you should be fully prepared to be as self-sufficient as possible.

If your rescue group or shelter would like to participate or would like more information, please answer the following questions:


The primary goal of this event is to make the greatest impact on the high intake shelters in Indianapolis. It is our hope that once Indianapolis becomes no-kill we can focus our efforts on neighboring counties. With that being said, we encourage ALL participating rescues to pull dogs from the “rescue only list” at Indianapolis Animal Care Services prior to the event. The dogs deemed “rescue only” are still highly adoptable however do not meet the high standards of IACS. Examples of why a dog may be placed on “rescue only”: medical issues, skin issues, bad cage presence, food bowl test fail (easy to correct!), failed dog-to-dog, timidness, etc.