VERY short term fosters needed!

dog-crashWe’re in need of short term fosters in preparation of the adoption event. Can you help?

All dogs and cats from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control will be spayed/neutered at FACE Spay/Neuter Clinic prior to the event (between June 16th-25th).  These animals CANNOT go back to the shelter because they could easily get sick and not be able to attend the event.  Plus,  there will be no room at the shelter for a dog/cat to recover from surgery for a week.  

This is truly a life-saving volunteer opportunity.  IACC is a kill shelter and they can only take as many animals to this event as they have foster homes for. 

The foster commitment would be anywhere between 4-13 days.  That’s IT! 

You will pick up the animal(s) after their spay/neuter surgeries from FACE (just east of downtown) and then you will bring the animal(s) to the event on Friday between 8am-8pm for cats, or on Saturday between 6am-9:15am on Saturday for dogs.  The animal will get a second chance at life with a loving forever family simply because YOU fostered it for less than 2 weeks.  How rewarding! 

You will be provided with any supplies you need—food, toys, extra blankets, extra crate, etc.  All the cats/dogs will be vaccinated, microchipped, fixed, and temperament tested (dogs).  Please note that during the temperament test they do not test with cats or kids.  If you plan to have the foster animal interact with your kids or other pets they can give you information for a proper introduction.  

If you are interested in fostering please email Dawn at


16 thoughts on “VERY short term fosters needed!”

  1. I have a 2yr old great pyrenees and 4 children but we would b happy to help foster a pet in need for a few wks! We live in martinsville indiana! Please contact me if we can b of help to u.

    Thanks sincerely
    Pet lover stephanie

    1. Yay! please email Dawn ( and she’ll get you all hooked up!

  2. Please message me if I can help.. Only have one dog .. He’s a pug .. One cat .. Both fixed and dog chipped by y’all .. Would live to be of service if needed((: forever homes are great!!

    1. Please email Dawn ( and we’ll get you all set up! Thanks!

    1. Thank you Kathy! Did you get a chance to email Dawn? (her email is at the bottom of the post) She’ll be the person to talk to. Thank you much!

  3. At the end of the adoption event, what happens if the animal is not adopted? Do they stay with us until they are adopted or ????

    1. Only if you want to keep them. That is completely up to you and you’re under no obligation. Thanks!

    1. Hi Miranda! If the animals that are fostered are not adopted at the event (and we’re pretty sure they will be) then they will go home with rescue groups. If you would like to continue to foster you can but there’s no pressure to.

  4. I have 4 other dogs in the house.
    14 yr Husky mix
    14 yr Coonhound
    10 yr Rott mix
    3 yr Pit mix.

    I have a 34″Hx46″Lx27″W crate if needed

    no children, no cats.

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