About the Indy Mega Adoption Event

June 25 and 26, 2016 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!

12pm – 6pm each day.


Indianapolis, like most major cities, has a problem. We have too many homeless animals. Each year, thousands are euthanized at municipal animal shelters across central Indiana. Rescue groups do all they can to pull animals from these shelters but they are very limited on space and resources. Frankly, we’re all pretty tired of the killing. We know that shelters have the reputation for being sad places and that keeps people like you from visiting. This is where the IndyMega AdoptionEvent comes in.

For two days the public is invited to come to the Indiana State Fairgrounds where we’re bringing over 1000 fantastic dogs and cats of all breeds, ages and sizes for you to meet. And if you fall in love, adoption fees are just $30. All animals are already fixed and microchipped AND you’ll take your new family member home with you that day, too.

The event is FREE (parking at the fairgrounds is $5)

About Love Me. Fix Me.

The purpose of Love me. Fix me. is to address a major problem that Central Indiana is facing: pet overpopulation. We have far too many cats and dogs who are running loose, and most of them are not spayed or neutered. As a result, they are constantly creating litters that end up roaming the streets, thus continuing the cycle.

To make matters worse, this is happening so rapidly that our local shelters cannot keep up with the influx of animals. Approximately 20,000 animals per year are ending up in shelters, and not nearly enough of them are getting adopted. Sadly, this is why so many perfectly healthy animals are being euthanized- there’s just no room for them.

 Love me. Fix me. is trying to change this problem by working to dramatically increase spay/neuter rates in Central Indiana. If everyone made the decision to get their pets fixed, we could move one step closer to a future where no animal has to be put down for space or time.